Click-On Kaduna in Partnership with Digital Naija workshops

The Click-On Kaduna in Partnership with Digital Naija workshops occurred between July 10-12, 2018 at Kaduna State University. The objective of the workshop was to connect digitally-skilled youths with elancing (online freelancing) opportunities. Working independently as a freelancer allows individuals freedom to choose the type of work based on interests ​and the flexibility to work anywhere. Women, especially, benefit from these arrangements, providing flexibility and balance as they juggle family and work.

Successful freelancers from ​Upwork and representatives from ​Efiko​, ​Jolancer​, ​Asuqu​, and ​Motionwares provided hands-on training and insight on how to navigate elancing platforms. Over 900 Northern Nigerian youths participated in this three-day program, out of which, the 150 best Upwork profiles participated in an Upwork pilot, completed in October 2018.

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